FeedbackFruits Learning Journeys: Create diverse, engaging learning experiences

Nhi Nguyen
Rebecca LeBoeuf
Rebecca LeBoeuf
September 20, 2023
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We have brought our learning journeys to the FeedbackFruits environment. Instructors can now easily set up and implement multi-activity learning experiences on the same page for better learning outcomes. Facilitate any pedagogy from flipped classroom to authentic assessment with different FeedbackFruits activities to ensure deeper learning. 

Guidelines, practical strategies, and templates to help you implement inclusive pedagogy and UDL in diverse settings.
Join Rotterdam School of Management to explore the best practices for implementing CBE and discover the new FeedbackFruits Competency-Based Assessment solution.

Learning journeys: Create engaging and equitable multi-step learning experiences

Not everyone learns the same way. Frameworks such as Inclusive Course Design and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) invite us to consider creating an inclusive, accessible environment where students feel safe and motivated to acquire, apply, and express their knowledge and perspectives regardless of backgrounds or abilities.  

Providing multiple modes of study materials and activities is an effective way to achieve this goal. Diversity in the choice of materials and interaction would address different needs, thus motivating students to engage in the learning process. 

Understanding this need, the FeedbackFruits pedagogy team launched the “The FeedbackFruits learning journey library” – a free online resource of multi-step templates that show how to create a meaningful learning experience by integrating different pedagogical approaches and technologies. Since its launch, the library has become a source of inspiration for institutions to launch scalable, inclusive, and engaging learning experiences across different modalities, class sizes, and subject domains. 

Despite the ability to ensure a dynamic learning experience, multi-activity courses present a challenge in implementation. Incorporating different activities and technologies can be quite time-consuming for faculty members, and there are no available platforms allowing them to create a connected learning experience without having to switch among varied tools.

Seeing the need to help faculties enjoy a seamless experience in creating inclusive courses, we have turned the learning journeys from templates to features. Educators can now easily design a complete learning process with multiple learning activities to support different pedagogies within the same platform. 

Image showing interface of FeedbackFruits Learning Journeys feature
FeedbackFruits Learning Journeys Creation feature

A tool to promote productivity, inclusivity, and engagement

FeedbackFruits Learning Journeys is a powerful feature that can help faculties create and deliver connected, engaging, and scalable learning experiences. This section will highlight the benefits of using Learning Journeys, as well as the process for doing so.

Easy and smooth set-up process

Now available in Libraries on the FeedbackFruits Platform, faculties can easily access this new feature in the Tool Picker alongside the Activity and Rubric templates. Simply click on the Learning Journeys button and start creating your activity process.

Learning Journeys now available in FeedbackFruits Library
Learning Journeys now available in FeedbackFruits Library

Add any activities to activate students and address different learning needs

After putting the name and a brief description (optionally) of the learning journey, educators can choose to add any FeedbackFruits activities to support their intended pedagogical approaches, whether it is peer/ group assessment, social annotation, discussion, group projects, research writing, and more. 

For example, to design a full flipped classroom process, instructors can add the Interactive Study Materials tools for content preparation, the Quiz tool to check students’ understanding of materials; and the Peer Review, Automated Feedback, and Assignment Review tool to generate multi-layer reflections on students’ work. 

The feature also offers utmost flexibility as instructors can rearrange the activities' order, as well as see a preview of the learning journey.

A gif showing how users can add multiple activities in Learning Journeys
Adding multiple activities using the Learning Journeys feature

Accessible within your LMSs

Once instructors finish designing the journeys, they can launch the journeys by heading to their courses and the FeedbackFruits Tool Picker. Faculties can access and implement the learning journeys within Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and Brightspace. 

Gif showing how to implement Learning Journeys in Canvas
Implement Learning Journeys in different LMSs

Try out the latest Automated Feedback Coach

If you are interested in trying out this feature for your current or future courses, the FeedbackFruits team is here to help! Schedule a meeting with us and let us help you create quality learning experiences that promote an inclusive, personalized, and self-directed learning environment.

In case you need more details on the Learning Journeys, here are some readings prepared by our team to help you get started:

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