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Test students' knowledge with quizzes in an engaging way by encouraging active thinking

How does it work?

Students are presented with important learning content in all their courses that they need to apply in a variety of ways. The first step to gaining a deeper understanding of the content is to be able to test students’ understanding of the learning material.

Quiz enables instructors to ask both multiple choice and open questions to students and keep track of level of understanding. The tool tests the knowledge of students in an engaging way and encourages attentiveness and active thinking. 


Tool Features

The tool enables teachers to add multiple choice questions, open-ended questions, or a combination of both throughout the quiz. Teachers have the possibility to add attachments to questions or answers.

Scratch-off questions (also known as the Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique (IF-AT)) can be enabled in the settings of the Quiz tool. Unlike regular multiple choice questions, scratch-off questions provide students with multiple attempts to answer the question and only reveal whether the answer is correct after submitting. If the selected answer was incorrect, this is revealed to the student, but the other answers remain veiled. This gives the students limited information that challenges them to carefully identify their false assumptions.

Teachers can set deadlines for when they would like the Quiz to be available and be closed for students. They can schedule a specific time for the opening and closing of the steps or adjust this manually.

Teachers can set the answers to never be revealed for students in a non-scratch off Quiz. When this option is selected, the answer in multiple choice questions and open questions will never be shown to a student and only to a teacher.


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All of our tools offering market-leading integration (LTI and API) for your online learning environment.


Pedagogical value

Teaching value

Implementing regular quizzes in your course design can help engage students throughout the entire course, while at the same time providing them with immediate feedback on the content they may be mastering, or struggling with. Getting them past that first level of understanding is more motivating for students, and allows you as an educator to focus on deeper learning during class.

Learning value

Students can often perceive assessments as stressful, so having the opportunity to practice, or take several smaller assessments throughout a course, helps students stay engaged with the content, increase feelings of competence, and help them prepare to face these assessments later on. Quizzes also assist in mastering content, meaning students can focus on deeper levels of learning, such as analyzing, evaluating, and creating new work.

The AI-tool Automated Feedback on writing gives students instant feedback on the quality of academic writing in assignments, thesis, and other deliverables. Students improve their academic writing skills by receiving direct in-line feedback, resulting in more permanent and actionable learning. As importantly, the tool also reduces the time spent on assignment review for teachers, allowing them to reallocate their time on providing feedback on the content rather than the form. 

Fleur Prinsen Testimonial

Dotank makes it possible to innovate education based on shared concerns in educational practice, in collaboration between institutes of higher education.

Dr. Fleur Prinsen

Jeroen Prent Testimonial

With the tools of FeedbackFruits, our students collaborate more and learn from one another in different scenarios as they would in professional life.

Jeroen Prent

Education Manager

I am using FeedbackFruits as I needed a platform that allows students to work together in a very easy way.

Peter Linde


Using FeedbackFruits is a way of ensuring that students prepare for the classes so that they have done the reading and also thought about the reading before coming to class.

Dr. Margriet van der Waal


I noticed that learning of students improved. First, they were enthusiastic about the tool and also interaction between students really helped them to better prepared for the subject.

Dr. Arnold Moene


IMS Global certification

FeedbackFruits received the IMS Global certification for interoperability between LMS Systems and our External Tools, and Data Privacy. As a provider, our adherence to the IMS community implies ongoing commitment to solve problems, revise implementations and conduct proper testing.

Data Secure certification

FeedbackFruits received the Data Secure certification issued by Better Security Management (BSM) validating the security of FeedbackFruits platform and database. As an educational technology provider, we give the utmost importance to protecting and safely storing data of all our business partners.

Frequently asked questions

Are there notifications available?

Students are notified of activities (for comment replies, upvotes, deadlines) via email once a day. For teachers, notifications are sent if there are comments directly linked to them.

Will students still see deadlines in the LMS calendar?

Yes, deadlines for assignments will be synced and pushed directly to the LMS calendar.

Is there analytics of student performance available?

Yes, we provide an overview of student progress in all tools along with more in-depth performance analytics according to each tool.

How do students keep track of their progress?

Students can keep track of their progress through the various process trackers and tabs available in assignments. Additionally, students will get additional notifications when deadlines are approaching.

Can students retake the quiz?

Teachers can decide if students can take the quiz only once or repeatedly.

Can you use it in a live setting?

Yes, you can use the Quiz tool synchronously and asynchronously.

Can you set a deadline for the quiz?

Yes, teachers can set deadlines for when the quiz will be available for the students and when it will be closed.

Are the assignments reusable?

Yes, teachers can reuse the assignments they created by choosing ‘copy from existing’ in the set up.

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