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Flipped classroom

Stimulate active learning and continuous engagement across any modality and class size

What is flipped learning? 

Flipped classroom refers to an instructional approach in which students study the course materials beforehand, then engage in discussions, application projects, or problem-solving activities to apply the learned knowledge during class time. In the flipped classroom, instructors take on the role of facilitators instead of knowledge transmitter, while students actively monitor their learning process [3].

The Flipped Learning Network (FLN) provides a detailed definition of the approach: 

“Flipped Learning is a pedagogical approach in which direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, and the resulting group space is transformed into a dynamic, interactive learning environment where the educator guides students as they apply concepts and engage creatively in the subject matter.”

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Technology-enhanced flipped classroom

How FeedbackFruits solutions can help educators optimize every stage of the flipped classroom

All FeedbackFruits tools have user-friendly interface

All FeedbackFruits tools are integrated into the Learning Management System (LMS) and have a similar look and feel - which flattens the learning curve for both teachers and students. This saves instructors lots of time while creating the activities.

Upload multimedia content (video, documents, or audio recordings) in FeedbackFruits

Within FeedbackFruits, instructors can upload study materials in different formats (documents, videos, or audio recordings) to address varied learning needs and preferences of your students.

Add questions and discussions to study materials to increase engagement and interaction in FeedbackFruits

There is also option to enrich the study materials with questions and discussions to encourage asynchronous and synchronous interactions at all levels: student – content, student – student, and teacher – student.

Curate any learning activities and assessment practices

FeedbackFruits solutions accommodate varied learning activities (individual/group projects, discussions, comprehension, etc.) and assessments (formative and summative, low and high stakes, self/peer/group assessment) where students can consolidate their learned knowledge.

Transparent analytics dashboard in FeedbackFruits

The transparent and detailed data dashboard provide insights into students’ progress and performance to provide timely support and appropriate adjustments to the curriculum.

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Relevant learning journeys

Boost student engagement

Intermediate (10-30 min)
Enhance student-content engagement and train feedback skills

Deepen understanding

Intermediate (10-30 min)
Stimulate active engagement for deeper understanding of the course content

Collaborative problem-solving

Low (<10 min)
Foster problem-solving skills with engaging discussions

Critical reading

Low (<10 min)
Train critical reading skills with technology-enhanced comprehension activity

Regular and substantive interaction (RSI)

Low (<10 min)
Create meaningful, multi-layer interactions within your classroom

Flipped classroom

High (>30 min)
Flipped classroom journey – A framework for successful implementation



Comprehensive guide to help you create engaging, interactive learning experiences

"Quality online teaching and learning: Achieving the higher education we deserve" presents strategies, tips, tool suggestions, and use cases for enhancing engagement and motivation in any course modality.

Strategies and tips

Content to help you plan every component of a flipped lesson, from learning objectives, activities to assessment

Flipped classroom examples

Stories in which educators at different institutions successfully designed and implemented the flipped classroom method.

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