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The Learning Experience Lab Podcast

A fortnightly, original FeedbackFruits podcast featuring conversations on every aspect of education.
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Episode 5

Communication, Inclusivity, and UDL

In this 5th episode, Lillian Nave joined us for an in-depth conversation about neurodiversity, inclusive teaching practices, and the role of UDL (Universal Design for Learning) in education.

Episode 4

Feedback practices in Instructional Design

In this episode, we delve into feedback and teaching practices from an instructional design perspective, and ponder the future of education technology.

Episode 3

Feedback cultures: A reflection

In one last interview with an old college peer, this episode continues the discussion of feedback cultures with some new perspectives on the "Western and Eastern education".

Episode 2

Feedback cultures: Learning, Listening, and Growing

In conversation with two students in the Netherlands, this episode explores the different encounters with feedback in work, school, and wider society.

Episode 1

Moving forward with feedback

Join us as we set out on our journey through education and feedback cultures, starting with the backstory of the host and origins of FeedbackFruits.

About the podcast

Engaging with teachers, students, and instructional designers, this podcast shares ideas and insights from the world of education with a wider audience, by diving deep into all things teaching and learning.

Meet the host

Dan Hasan is a graduate of Science Communication and Education, who lives for learning. For a year he has been investigating course design case studies around the world and is now trying his hand at this new format of gathering and sharing insights and ideas.

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Dan Hasan
Content Creator, FeedbackFruits
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