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New Semester Kit

Your complete guide to a successful, engaging semester. To support institutions kickstart an engaging, meaningful, and strategic semester, we’ve compiled several resources and recommendations under this New Semester Kit.
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This tool kit is divided into 4 key categories

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An engaging, interactive, learning experience is key to student success

Courses need to be engaging, inclusive, and scalable

Assessment is key to student success, and it needs to be holistic, and effective

Evaluate and select appropriate pedagogical technology is crucial

Student success

Resources to stimulate student engagement throughout the learning process
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4 tips to prepare for a new phase of hybrid learning

Hybrid learning is the new normal and here are the key recommendations institutions should follow to successfully adopt this approach.

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How to personalize online learning in higher education

Dr. Andrew Feldstein, Assistant Provost at Fort Hays State University explained the pillars of personalized learning and how technology can help institutions build a robust learning ecosystem.

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Inclusive course design and how to implement

4 core principles and a framework to implement inclusive course design with technology support, shared by Linda Lee, Director of Instructional Design at the Wharton School.

Course design & delivery

Everything you need to design flexible, personalized, and accessible courses for any student cohort, whether online, hybrid, or face-to-face
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Course design: A FeedbackFruits guide

A detailed explanation of different course design types (online, blended, hybrid, and hyflex), and the 6 essential steps to create an effective course.

FeedbackFruits quality teaching and learning ebook cover

Quality teaching and learning: Towards the new higher education

A comprehensive guide to flexible course design that promotes active learning, student engagement, and retention.

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Increasing interactivity in online and hybrid classrooms

A free, online certification course on knowledge and skills to increase student engagement, interaction, and collaboration in online, blended, or hybrid courses.


Resources to stimulate student engagement throughout the learning process
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use case

Scale authentic assessment across a STEM faculty

Dr. Tiffany Gunning at Deakin University implemented a 5-year long project to scaffold authentic assessment across 58 subjects in a STEM faculty.

FeedbackFruits assessment rubrics ebook cover

Assessment rubrics in higher education

A collection of assessment rubrics for self, peer, and group evaluation, designed and implemented by several institutions worldwide.

FeedbackFruits feedback for learning ebook cover

Feedback for learning: A comprehensive guide

This ebook covers everything you need about feedback and fool-proof strategies to elevate the feedback practice in your courses.

Technology adoption

Tips and strategies to help your faculty evaluate and select the best teaching tools
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10 reasons why educators love FeedbackFruits

Educators from different institutions share 10 factors that persuaded them to adopt FeedbackFruits for better course design.

FeedbackFruits choosing best teaching tools ebook cover

A practical guide to choose the best teaching tools

This framework will provide faculty members with a holistic view to evaluate and decide on the most suited pedagogical tools.

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FeedbackFruits Tips | How to best use teaching tools

A series of articles that provide practical tips, strategies to make the best of our tools to create engaging courses in any class size or setting.

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