New Semester Kit: 2024 edition

Towards a quality education for all students

A library of resources for teaching and learning professionals looking to create the best possible learning experiences for your students in the upcoming semester and beyond, amidst the rise of AI
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Student success

Foster a safe, engaging learning environment where students feel motivated and driven

inclusive learning

Create inclusive and equitable learning experiences across modalities


Facilitate holistic, authentic assessment for skills development and lifelong learning

Technology adoption

Leverage pedagogical technology to optimize the teaching and learning processfor

Student success

Resources to stimulate a safe and engaging learning experiences across any course modalities
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Competency-based Education: Empower authentic and skill-based learning

Explore the Competency-based education (CBE) framework and how it can help your institution enhance career readiness and student success

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Success story

Flipped and active learning for student engagement and success

Teaching communication skills to over 400 students is not an easy job, yet Sofia Sá managed to create engaging course by implementing flipped classroom and active learning.

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Student success through learner-centered course design

Marnie Roestel, Associate Director of Learning Systems Support at Central Michigan University shared 9 principles of learner-centered course design to enhance student success.

Inclusive, equitable course design

Resources design flexible, personalized, and accessible learning experiences for any student cohort, whether online, hybrid, or face-to-face
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Online, Hybrid, or HyFlex? How to balance different modalities

3 strategies that institutions can adopt to help faculties teach effectively across different learning modalities.

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Inclusive teaching and UDL: A comprehensive guide

Guidelines, practical strategies, and templates to help you implement inclusive pedagogy and UDL in diverse settings.

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Learning journey library

A library of downloadable frameworks to help you implement and scale different pedagogical approaches across different modalities, subjects, and class sizes.

Assessment and Feedback

Resources to facilitate holistic, authentic assessment and feedback that nurture lifelong skills and growth mindset
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success story

Developing Lifelong Skills with Active Learning Design

Texas A&M University School of Public Health presented 5 use cases of leveraging technology to optimize authentic assessment for engagement and active learning

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Authentic assessment rubrics in higher education (updated)

A collection of rubrics for any authentic assessment approaches designed and implemented by several institutions worldwide. Now updated with 3 new rubrics.

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Authentic Assessment: A full guide for educators

A comprehensive guide to understand authentic assessment and how to implement this approach to nurture real-life skills and lifelong learning.

Technology adoption

Resources to help you and your institution develop digital fluency, and have a smooth adoption process
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resources collection

FeedbackFruits AI resources hub

A collection of resources, guidelines, and templates to help institutions embrace AI in policy making, curriculum design, and more.

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A practical guide to choose the best teaching tools

This framework will provide faculty members with a holistic view to evaluate and decide on the most suited pedagogical tools.

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success story

Leverage pedagogical technology at Fort Hays State University

Explore how FHSU utilized FeedbackFruits’ solutions to elevate the peer feedback process and stimulate collaborative learning.

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