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Group Member Evaluation

Improve collaboration skills of your students with group member peer assessments

How does it work?

This tool streamlines the way students assess their peers’ collaboration skills. The teacher specifies by which criteria students evaluate their peers’ contribution to group work. Additionally, teachers can require students to elaborate, by commenting on the feedback they provide their peers, thereby combining quantitative and qualitative feedback.

Groups are automatically synced from the LMS and each student is automatically assigned. The built-in analytics allow teachers to instantly monitor students’ progress and the amount of time they spent giving feedback. 


Tool Features

Teachers can change the type of group member evaluation activity to reviewing the activity either within groups or groups giving feedback to other groups.

The tool allows teachers to structure and customize peer assessment criteria with options such as qualitative feedback criteria, scales, or rubrics.

The tool enables students to critically review their own contribution before assessing others'.

Teachers have the possibility to convert any activity into a summative task, configure which steps of the assignment should be graded and how much element should count to determine the final grade.

Teachers can set deadlines on when to release feedback that has been provided to students. The tool doesn't show the feedback student get from their peers until the deadlines are over to avoid bias.

Teachers can either design open peer assessment, encouraging comparison and discussion among students or anonymously, depending on the assessment task and context.


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All of our tools offering market-leading integration (LTI and API) for your online learning environment.


Pedagogical value

Teaching value

Group Member Evaluation provides teachers insights into the collaborative process, thereby tackling the problem of free-riding. Peer-assessment is crucial to develop students' empowerment, confidence, and the ability to self-evaluate and reflect.

Learning value

Group Member Evaluation enables students to become self-critical as they assess their own, and their team's, performance in group-work activities. It can also transfer some ownership of the assessment process to students, thereby potentially increasing motivation, engagement, and deeper learning.

The AI-tool Automated Feedback on writing gives students instant feedback on the quality of academic writing in assignments, thesis, and other deliverables. Students improve their academic writing skills by receiving direct in-line feedback, resulting in more permanent and actionable learning. As importantly, the tool also reduces the time spent on assignment review for teachers, allowing them to reallocate their time on providing feedback on the content rather than the form. 

Fleur Prinsen Testimonial

After improvements were made, like the automatic synchronisation of groups, that was a real winner for me... In the end, [Group Member Evaluation] was a starting point for students to be able to improve their collaboration.

Dr. Frits Flesch

Assistant Professor
Jeroen Prent Testimonial

With the tools of FeedbackFruits, our students collaborate more and learn from one another in different scenarios as they would in professional life.

Jeroen Prent

Education Manager

I am using FeedbackFruits as I needed a platform that allows students to work together in a very easy way.

Peter Linde


Using FeedbackFruits is a way of ensuring that students prepare for the classes so that they have done the reading and also thought about the reading before coming to class.

Dr. Margriet van der Waal


I noticed that learning of students improved. First, they were enthusiastic about the tool and also interaction between students really helped them to better prepared for the subject.

Dr. Arnold Moene


How others are using it

Case Study

Story of Griffith University
Learn how Group Member Evaluation helped Griffith instructor manage and review feedback in large student cohort

Significantly higher student engagement: +94% completion rate

Higher student satisfaction:
evaluation increased from 6 to 7.3

Case Study

Story of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
Read how an instructor used Group Member Evaluation to develop teamwork skills

Significantly higher student engagement: +94% completion rate

Higher student satisfaction:
evaluation increased from 6 to 7.3

IMS Global certification

FeedbackFruits received the IMS Global certification for interoperability between LMS Systems and our External Tools, and Data Privacy. As a provider, our adherence to the IMS community implies ongoing commitment to solve problems, revise implementations and conduct proper testing.

Data Secure certification

FeedbackFruits received the Data Secure certification issued by Better Security Management (BSM) validating the security of FeedbackFruits platform and database. As an educational technology provider, we give the utmost importance to protecting and safely storing data of all our business partners.

Frequently asked questions

Will students still see deadlines in the LMS calendar?

Yes, deadlines for assignments will be synced and pushed directly to the LMS calendar.

Are there notifications available?

Students are notified of activities (for comment replies, upvotes, deadlines) via email once a day. For teachers, notifications are sent if there are comments directly linked to them.

Is there analytics of student performance available?

Yes, we provide an overview of student progress in all tools along with more in-depth performance analytics according to each tool.

Are the assignments reusable?

Yes, teachers can reuse the assignments they created by choosing ‘copy from existing’ in the set up.

How do students keep track of their progress?

Students can keep track of their progress through the various process trackers and tabs available in assignments. Students will also get additional notifications when deadlines are approaching.

Can students see comments of other peers?

Yes, comments and feedback given to their work will be visible to students.

Is anonymity available?

Yes, anonymity can be turned on for the reviewer, this way we can ensure a safe learning environment and that constructive feedback is given.

Does this tool also work with different sections in the larger classes?

Yes, similar to groups, the sections created within the LMS environment will be automatically synced and ready to be used.

Can students also see comments given to other groups'?

No, students would not be able to see feedback given to other groups.

How is Group Member Evaluation different from Peer Review?

Group Member Evaluation aims to allow students to either evaluate their own group work, dynamic and skill or to provide feedback on other team’s skills. Peer Review focuses more on providing feedback to work turned in.

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