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One tool suite to engage students in many ways

Whatever your course setup or teaching strategy, our tools are built to support you.

Tools for self, peer and teacher assessment
Peer Review Tool Icon

Peer Review

Streamlines formative and summative assessment with flexible peer feedback criteria and self-reflection

Group Member Evaluation Tool Icon

Group Member Evaluation

Streamlines how students assess their peers’ collaboration skills, based on teacher-designed criteria.

Automated Feedback Tool Icon

Automated Feedback

Enables students to receive AI-powered formative feedback on their academic writing skills, based on criteria set by teachers.

Assignment Review Tool Icon

Assignment Review

Allows instructors to provide in-line feedback on students' assignments, based on teacher-designed criteria.

Skill Review Tool Icon

Skill Review

Facilitates teacher feedback on activities such as presentations, oral exams or an interview.

Skill Review Tool Icon


Facilitates self-assessment on deliverables or skills - for individual work or performance within a group.

Tools for collaborative learning and annotation
Interactive Document Tool Icon

Interactive Document

Enhances learner-content interaction and engagement by enabling teachers to add in-line questions and discussion points to documents.

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Interactive Video Tool Icon

Interactive Video

Stimulates asynchronous engagement and interaction with video materials by enabling teachers to add in-line questions and discussion points to videos.

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Interactive Audio Tool Icon

Interactive Audio

Creates inclusive, engaging learning experience by enabling teachers to add in-line questions and discussion prompts to audio recordings.

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Comprehension Tool Icon


Stimulate students' active consumption of the study content, critical reading skills and collaborative learning by annotating the materials.

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Tools for engagement and interaction
Discussion Assignment Tool Icon

Discussion on Work

Encourages students' collaboration, interaction, and critical thinking through online discussion on deliverables.

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Discussion Assignment Tool Icon

Discussion on Topic

Encourages students' collaboration, interaction, and critical thinking through online discussion on course topics without deliverables.

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Interactive Presentation Tool Icon

Interactive Presentation

Foster synchronous student interaction and engagement during live presentations by enriching slides with questions and discussion points

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Quiz Tool Icon


Turns online tests into an engaging, interactive experience that fosters active learning.

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Team Based Learning Tool Icon

Team Based Learning

Supports the facilitation of the individual and team Readiness Assurance Test of the team-based learning process in online settings.

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Powerful LMS tools to support creating quality learning experience

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Put in use multiple FeedbackFruits tools to create full student experiences

FeedbackFruits Tool Suite has been designed to support you in building your courses for lasting student engagement and activation.

Team Based Learning Student Journey
Click to see the detailed journey

A FeedbackFruits tool is often used to tackle a course design challenge, such as enabling collaboration in large cohorts with Group Member Evaluation or using Interactive Study Material to ensure student engagement prior to class when attempting to flip the classroom. Yet, you can further capitalise on active knowledge uptake and skill development by using all together.

This flipped classroom journey is meant as inspiration, not a one-size-fits-all framework, and can be customised to the specific needs of your own course. We hope they can work to spark conversation of ways we can design courses elements that can keep students excited and motivated.


Pedagogical tools co-created with institutions

We collaborate with innovative educators to develop technological solutions.

+100 partner & pilotS

Our tool suite has been used by more than 100 institutions worldwide to create activities in more than 2 million courses: online, hybrid or hyflex.

80% MORE student engagement

Up to 80% of students surveyed per institution reported to be more actively engaged in learning after participating in FeedbackFruits activities.

80% career-ready skills improvement

Up to 80% of students surveyed per institution reported becoming better collaborators, sharpening their critical thinking and feedback skills.

Seamless lms integration

All tools can be seamlessly integrated into your LMS, allowing for single sign-in, and automatic sync of gradebooks, groups, and calendars.

always here for support

Our team offers teachers and students 24/5 live chat support, along with workshops and training to familiarize instructors with the tools.

easy-to-use & uniform design

All tools have a similar look and feel – which flattens the learning curve for both teachers and students. This saves instructors time designing activities.

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FeedbackFruits Tool Suite

All you need to implement active learning design

Ensure an active learning environment – with effective feedback, meaningful interactions, and continuous engagement.

Enrich your LMS

Seamless integrations to onboard educators and students without friction.


Our tools are certified

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    IMS Global Certification
    For interoperability between LMS Systems and our External Tools, and Data Privacy
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