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All-in-one solution for effective assessment

Assess students for skills without any hassle using FeedbackFruits

Find the FeedbackFruits tools that align with your assessment goals

Diversify the assessment strategies to foster career readiness skills and increase knowledge uptake

Foster skills with feedback activities

You can facilitate formative or summative self & peer assessment, as well as multi-layer feedback with 3 FeedbackFruits tools: Self Assessment, Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation.

Prepare students for the future with authentic assessment

Whether you ask students to prepare a research paper, come up with a business proposal, do a case study, record a podcast or present a topic in the classroom, FeedbackFruits has a solution to assess them based on your learning objectives.

You can give feedback to students' work and skills using Assignment Review or Skill Review, ask them to discuss their work with Discussion on Work, put their written work through an AI-powered writing check using Automated Feedback, or have them review each other's work and group contribution using Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation.

Test students' knowledge with engaging, meaningful quizzes

FeedbackFruits Quiz and Team Based Learning tools enables instructors to facilitate low and high take assessment. The Team Based Learning tool optimizes the Readiness Assurance Process (RAP), and ensures pre-class preparation by the students. Our Quiz tool helps create low-stakes quizzes that are not graded but help students practice the course content synchronously during lecture or asynchronously at home.

Make sure students actively consume the course content

Interactive Video, Interactive Document and Interactive Audio tools support the flipped classroom, by allowing you to enrich the study materials with questions and discussion prompts to increase engagement and understanding before class. Optionally, you can grade students based on their participation and performance.

Assessment that fosters lifelong, career-ready skills

FeedbackFruits helps you implement assessment practices that cultivate 21st century skills such as collaboration, communication, feedback, critical thinking and academic writing. Tools like Peer Review, Group Member Evaluation, and Assignment Review streamline multi-layer feedback to develop critical thinking, by letting students to evaluate their peers, group members, and themselves based on a teacher-defined rubric.

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Technology that fits to your pedagogy, not the other way around

FeedbackFruits Tool Suite supports diverse pedagogies from team based learning to peer learning, giving faculty immense flexibility in diversifying and facilitating assessment practices.

With FeedbackFruits, you can assess students' work and skills formatively or summatively in any course modality (online, hybrid, in-person) and in any class size.

Easy and scalable assessment setup without manual work

FeedbackFruits puts an end to complicated and time-consuming assessment processes. Within just one screen, instructors can easily configure an assessment activity in the nick of time.

Seamless LMS integration allows for automatic sync of grade book. Feedback Criteria setup enables teachers to design rubrics with detailed criteria, and scale ratings, which can be exported and shared across faculties.

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Streamlined learning activity setup

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easy-to-use, uniform design

All tools have a similar look and feel – which flattens the learning curve for both teachers and students.

Co-created with educators

Tools are co-created with educators from partner universities, thus support even the most advanced use cases.