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All FeedbackFruits Pedagogical Tools are Available for Free in response to COVID-19

FeedbackFruits makes all 8 pedagogical tools available for free to instructors in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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April 7, 2020

Online Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities for Distance Education

After many higher education institutions shifted to distance education, online assessment has become a challenge for many teachers. While applying traditional assessment types online with tech is difficult, this situation is also an opportunity to try new assessment models.

How to Improve Student Engagement in Online Teaching During COVID-19

Keeping students engaged during online learning is an issue that is yet to be solved. Teachers are required to rethink their existing course design to be able to engage and track students better in virtual environment.

Assignment Review: Easy Online Assessment Tool for Teachers to Assess Students

Assignment Review enables university teachers to assess student assignments with their own rubric online. Students can upload assignments in any format (video, document, audio) and self-reflect on the feedback they receive within LMS.

The Rise of Online Classes after COVID-19: Best Practices Based on Literature

The rushed transition to online teaching after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has left many question marks in teachers' minds. We discussed online courses and explained how teachers can improve them based on existing literature.

Interactive Document: Get Your Students Engaged with Online Study Materials

Interactive Document helps teachers to engage with their students on their text-based study materials. Add discussions in your articles and let your students learn together.

Interactive Video: Make Distance Education Engaging

Interactive Video helps teachers to engage with their students through video materials. Add discussions or inline questions in your videos and track your students' interactions.

Key Principles for Teachers who Just Started with Online Teaching

We listed the key takeaways from our partners' experience in creating online courses during COVID-19, which can help guide this process where both time and pedagogic integrity are important.

FeedbackFruits is helping institutions cope with COVID-19

To help higher education institutions avoiding student engagement loss during the Coronavirus outbreak, FeedbackFruits makes Interactive Video tool available for free.

Using Assignment Review and Skill Review at Maastricht University

Students in this Ecology course are independent 3rd year level students that work in small Problem Based Learning sessions. The instructor aims to normalize the feedback culture.

How to Create a Positive, Effective Feedback Culture

You can create a safe classroom for your students to give feedback to each other by following these 6 principles.

Anonymous Peer Review at the Vrije Universiteit

This course, in the context of scientific research in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences, aims to develop academic skills. The assumption was that organising peer feedback via FeedbackFruits would reduce the complexity, workload and improve the process overview.

Why Anonymity can be a Valuable Element in Peer-Evaluation

Because peer assessment is a fundamentally social and collaborative learning activity, learners’ interpersonal beliefs can negatively impact its outcomes. In order to overcome this issue, and to reduce bias, anonymity is necessary.

The Impact of Self and Peer-Grading on Student Learning

Relevant and helpful feedback on work is important to ensure a good learning experience for students. But instead of receiving it only from a teacher, relevant feedback could also be provided by peers.

Peer Review and Self-Assessment at OsloMet

For this featured use-case, we will elaborate on how a professor at Oslo Metropolitan University has set up a combination of self-assessment and peer-review.

Peer Review at Hogeschool Rotterdam

The Peer Review tool was used within Minor Data Engineering course. Various feedback moments were planned within the course, whereby students would receive feedback from both peers and the expert.

Rubric, a Teacher’s Ultimate Sidekick

Rubrics work well to ensure constructive feedback provided by students because they clarify expectations for both targets and quality with students.

Organizing Open-Ended Assessment at Scale for Enhanced Online Learning

This learning activity is designed to organise open-ended assessment at scale. The goal of the activity is to enhance learning through both the forming of knowledge and the assessing of student’s understanding.

Balancing Formative and Summative Learning

Including an element of student-student learning in both formative and summative assessments ensures that the students and teachers together create knowledge that improve the world.

Eliminating Free-Riding in Group Work

Students dread group work because they know that not every member contributes equally. Research shows that peer feedback encourages them to reflect deeply on their skills and contribution in a group setting.

A Smartphone without Apps

LMS adds substantial value for both teachers and students but using an LMS without plugins is like using a smartphone without apps.

5 things we learned this Inspiration Day

The FeedbackFruits Inspiration Day is all about sharing knowledge and ideas around expanding our tools’ functionality for future use cases.

A Day for Inspiration

One of the ways we collaborate with universities is through our (bi)annual Inspiration Days. This day is dedicated to sharing ideas and knowledge within the EdTech DoTank.

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